We have added many more delicious products and gift items to our list of available products for home delivery that you’ve just got to try!

In addition to all of our organic vegetables, fresh fruits, and other organic, vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, lactose-free and bio-degradable products, don’t forget that you can now order:
“Pork products” — Arguably the best bacon in Ecuador, along with whole hams, sliced ham, ham hocks, and fresh bacon bits.
“Organic chicken” — Whole or parts, available fresh, frozen, or smoked.
“Grass-fed beef” — Filet mignon (lomo fino), steak (bife chorizo) and brisket.
“Paiche” — One of the world’s largest freshwater fish and native to Ecuador, Paiche has a texture like lobster and a mild, sweet flavor—great for baking, sauteing, or grilling. Great as Paiche Scampi with linguini!

We also want you to know that if you have a special request for a fruit or vegetable or any other edible product, please let us know, and we will do our best to find it for you.

For a full list of our products, ordering instructions, and the address and directions to our store location, please visit the “Home Page” of our website, www.elmundoorganico.com.

All of our products are available for home delivery and most, including the pork and some of our chicken products, are usually also available in our store.

Have a great day and thanks again!!!

Francisco Cisneros y Autopista #582, Via Cuenca-Molleturo-Naranjal (also known as “Enrique Arízaga Toral”)

Armando Espinoza, 093 906 2640 (TEXT ONLY, please!)

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